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More than meets the eye – Lady Amethyst channeled of Rositha Bohlin15/8-13






     Dear beloved children!


My heart is overflowing with love when I see how brave and determined you all are 

to meet the tests and challenges that are being presented to you. 

You are learning that all that originates from the heart is humble and loving.

When seeking the right partner choose one who loves you for your true nature, 

which is why you should always be yourself if you want a genuine relationship with intimacy. 

When you are true to each other, can you reach the core of each other, 

otherwise it is not possible. You are always looking for the kind of relationship 

you have known with your twin flame; one of unconditional love.Seek also a community 

that invites your third eye to connect to each other. Your third eye will tell you everything 

you need to know about each other via telepathy. 


This is something you are all heading towards experiencing and will eventually become 

second nature to you. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to experience 

the miracles that are being presented all around you. Heal your fears by Inviting Love 

into your heart through your higher self so you can get to know each other …

once again. 


With love 

Lady Amethyst



Copyright © Rositha Bohlin. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given:

    Translated from the original Swedish of Debbie Erasmus 


A Message from Lady Amethyst ~ “My wish is that you all choose love” – Transmitted through Rositha Bohlin 08/05/2013

Beloved children of the present!

There are intense moments that flow in front of you now. The sun gives you lots of warmth and love while you feel the joy of all the Light. Look up into the sky; you will often see several unusual events. It can be described as Gaia’s scenery. I admire your courage and fighting spirit for not allowing a few to control your life. Together we can help each other to manifest Heaven on Earth.

When it comes to Angels and Archangels, our light is extremely bright and our energy is high, so if you are just awakened or newly awakened, maybe you think it is too far from your own energies for you to be able to feel connected to our messages.

Other Angels and Archangels, like myself and some others, are not alone in that we will wait for the laggards in this marathon journey, those that have no goal, and those who are not ecstatic with utter happiness. What might entice stragglers to wake up, may be to realize how they have been manipulated by not only politicians, but also the media and businesses.

My desire is to open your eyes and realize that all peaceful demonstrations, channelings and meditations have the same intentions: A healthy and peaceful planet to share with people and animals. One where fear does not exist, instead, one where love flows. Money is not needed in the future when everyone helps everyone, but until that time, you have now already created many useful methods that are very good for your health. Even free energy. The pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, energy companies, security companies, yes, all who want you to be trapped in their leashes so that they can make money by deceiving you without caring about what is best for you, are some of the reasons why you would want to wake up. To use violence only fuels them, so if you want to get rid of their power forever, send your LOVE to them. Love conquers ALL.

You notice now that I did not come to you today in my usual form, but I come to you through my grounded One, because of my huge love for all of you.

My wish is that you all choose love. It´s because of this LOVE, that I sometimes lag at the back of the line myself to try to pick up those who hesitate or have lost faith. Look around the world, you see how many of you are awakening. Come with us, my beloved children. My love now reaches new heights for you.


Lady Amethyst

(Translated from the original Swedish)

Copyright © Rositha Bohlin. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given:


Ärkeänglarna Zadkiel och Lady Ametist- Rositha Bohlin- 7 juli 2013

Mitt älskade barn av Gaia!
Jag,  Zadkiel och min älskade tvillingflamma Lady Ametist
Välkomnar er till den nya världen NOW.
Allt du ser, existerar enbart i dina tankar. Den som står bredvid dig, har en annan verklighet. Det är din nya Värld, mitt älskade barn av den nya o-tiden, alltså den nya tiden utan tid och endast NOW, känslan av här och nu. “The Secret” som du blivit uppvärmd med, släpptes fri för att du skulle få en chans att förbereda dig på att använda tankekraften och styrkan som den innehåller. Du har sett i bl.a Egypten, hur det kan bli när många tänker samma sak samtidigt. Det vet även Illuminati, som de kallar sig. Därför försöker de att skrämmas och hota er med hjälp av medbrottslingar som låtsas tillhöra er, de fredliga demonstranternas sida, men är betalda för att skapa upplopp som de hoppas ska eskalera i krigshandlingar. Jag vet att din magkänsla säger dig att genomskåda deras media och följa hjärtats röst och det tackar jag dig för
eftersom ju snabbare kärleken segrar över rädslan, desto snabbare kommer du leva bland kärlekens mirakel eftersom så länge rädslan får påverka dig, så länge kommer rädslan påverka din verklighet på Gaia, vår älskade planet. När kärleken flödar i dig, kommer kärlekens kraft att flöda på och inom Gaia. Vilken verklighet önskar du leva i?
Jag vet och det älskar jag, Zadkiel och min älskade Tvilling Flamma Lady Ametist dig för.

Dolphin travel to Inner Earth together with Zadkiel by Rositha Bohlin

Longed so much for the sense of freedom I feel when I meet the waves like a dolphin,

so when I started to meditate today, I swam in a few seconds.

After some waves , I noticed Zadkiel, who now swam to my right. Wonderfully.

We thought it was just as fun both so we started playing and like the tumbled about each other.

Now if it is possible in reality I do not know but in my meditation works great.

When we swam around and played in the waves, it came suddenly a big fish right at us.

It was black and the size of a whale, but with a shark’s disposition. We still felt no fear of being eaten have we swam together against it, and when it opened its mouth to devour us, we continued with the same fearless speed. Suddenly POFF, gone …

The air and the atmosphere was totally different. It was as if time did not exist and everything was NOW.

I got the feeling that we had come to the Inner Earth, that we blew up an embankment in any way.

All colors were pastels. The sky blue. Sun rays were dull more like a bright yellowish haze.

Water, light blue, and when we step out of the water the grass was bright green.

At the water’s edge stood around hundreds of people to meet us.

We were as excited as they because we knew a lot even though I do not really know what it was, but it was a tremendous feeling of home and joy when I saw them and the place felt both unfamiliar but familiar … My mother who died last year, I felt at least again.

She visits me often in ordinary cases, so it felt wonderful that she was even here.

What surprised me is that we were much taller than them. I have read in several places that

they are tall and look Scandinavian, at least some of those who live in the Inner Earth.

Scandinavian appearance they had, but were either short-or so we were very tall.

I’ve added noticed that when me and Zadkiel are in the water, we are dolphins, but when we are on land

we have human bodies.

When we visited all they said the Wise Man was waiting for us in his cave, and it was becoming urgent.

We went to the mountains behind the single storey houses that lay at the water’s edge.

Bergen recalled the Malaga. At the beginning of one of the mountains there was the cave so we went in to him.

The Wise Man sat by a fire in spartan clothing and asked us to sit down.

You are late, he said. Yes, I had to wait for Rositha, Zadkiel said with a warm smile.

Well, belated but better said the Wise Man and smiled.

I blushed but felt that I intend to be awake from now.

He would start to tell our history and future.

Further, I could not take in for now.

To be continued. Love Rositha

Copyright © Rositha Bohlin. You are allowed to share this message in its full form with no changes, and when the author’s name and link to the original location given.

Méline Lafont pleiade dolphin at 5:15 AM

AA Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst- Rositha Bohlin- 1 juli 2013


Since this is my first time using this channel in public, I shall only tell what she would let me talk about, at least for now anyway.

During this ongoing ascension. you are dealing with your heart awakening what is surfacing are many doubts and questions about whether you have chosen the right path in life so far or not.

New thoughts and ideas are born within you and you now will start to find the truth in yourself and who you really are.

Those who rule the world, do not want this because they want to control how and what you think. Control is important to them.

Now, when you leave their rule and question EVERYTHING and seek the truth,

they lose their power over you at the same time.

Thus, you and all who live on Gaia, now move towards a World and the reality that exists in a state of love instead of fear.

I, Zadkiel and my twin flame Lady Amethyst, are so incredibly proud of your work and determination and with your choice of path.


Rositha Bohlin

english translation of Debbie Erasmus



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