More than meets the eye – Lady Amethyst channeled of Rositha Bohlin15/8-13






     Dear beloved children!


My heart is overflowing with love when I see how brave and determined you all are 

to meet the tests and challenges that are being presented to you. 

You are learning that all that originates from the heart is humble and loving.

When seeking the right partner choose one who loves you for your true nature, 

which is why you should always be yourself if you want a genuine relationship with intimacy. 

When you are true to each other, can you reach the core of each other, 

otherwise it is not possible. You are always looking for the kind of relationship 

you have known with your twin flame; one of unconditional love.Seek also a community 

that invites your third eye to connect to each other. Your third eye will tell you everything 

you need to know about each other via telepathy. 


This is something you are all heading towards experiencing and will eventually become 

second nature to you. Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone to experience 

the miracles that are being presented all around you. Heal your fears by Inviting Love 

into your heart through your higher self so you can get to know each other …

once again. 


With love 

Lady Amethyst



Copyright © Rositha Bohlin. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given:

    Translated from the original Swedish of Debbie Erasmus 


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