AA Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst- Rositha Bohlin- 1 juli 2013


Since this is my first time using this channel in public, I shall only tell what she would let me talk about, at least for now anyway.

During this ongoing ascension. you are dealing with your heart awakening what is surfacing are many doubts and questions about whether you have chosen the right path in life so far or not.

New thoughts and ideas are born within you and you now will start to find the truth in yourself and who you really are.

Those who rule the world, do not want this because they want to control how and what you think. Control is important to them.

Now, when you leave their rule and question EVERYTHING and seek the truth,

they lose their power over you at the same time.

Thus, you and all who live on Gaia, now move towards a World and the reality that exists in a state of love instead of fear.

I, Zadkiel and my twin flame Lady Amethyst, are so incredibly proud of your work and determination and with your choice of path.


Rositha Bohlin

english translation of Debbie Erasmus






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